Compact metal detector Garrett Super Wand®

Garrett Super Wand® metal detector

From American airports through mass events to sports and military facilities - it is everywhere where it is necessary to quickly and accurately scan objects and people in large population centers. Garrett Super Wand® - professional metal detector. One mobile, manual device - two effective, complementary detection modes and zero slowdown of population flow at critical points.

The slim, elegant and ergonomic casing of the revolutionary Garret Super Wand® detector has concealed the technology that makes it one of the extremely accurate and recognizable Garrett metal detectors on the market

It has a 360-degree detection function around the entire scanning area at the length of 22.5 cm, and the tip of the device is used for punctual, precise location of a potential threat - from head to toe! It works even under the toughest conditions - from -37 ° C to 70 ° C.

Simple and handy to use thanks to:

  • a contoured handle that fits different hands,
  • elongated shape,
  • omnidirectional detection,
  • one-button operation,
  • the option of selecting the optimal alarm for explicit or latent work.
Garrett Super Wand

Automatic calibration The device automatically adjusts the detection sensitivity.

Extended scanning area (22.5 cm) For convenient and fast scanning of people from head to toe during a personal inspection.

Optimal sensitivity The detector detects ferro and ferromagnetic objects, stainless steel weapons, contraband and other metallic objects.

Hard, durable structure With a structurally insulated chamber for better shock absorption. Meets the American military standard Mil-Std-810F

Pinpoint type tip It allows the precise location of the smallest metal objects.

360º detection field Provides uniform, the high sensitivity of scanning along the entire length, so that no weapons or other metal objects are left out.

Dual alarm mode Selectable sound mode or silent mode with or without vibration. In this case, the red LED diode is alert to detection, located in a visible place.


One serving button Turns off the detector, activates an audible alarm or silent mode with vibration.

Ergonomic, universal handle

The battery in the handle of the device One 9V battery provides up to 80 hours of work.

The green LED indicates active scanning, red - on the detection of a metal object, orange - low battery status. The 100/220 V battery is optional - the work time after one charge is up to 20 hours.

The dimensions of the device

Garrett Super Wand
48,5 cm
8,3 cm
  • Thickness: 3,2 cm
  • Weight: 527g

The Garrett Super Wand® compact metal detector meets the following standards for electromagnetic compatibility and health safety:

  • National Institute of Justice Standard-0602.02
  • US Department of Commerce, NBS SP 500-101
  • CE EN 55011, EN 50082-1, I-ETS 300 330
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE C95.1-1991 section 4.12