As a world pioneer of metal detection gates - Garrett company - does not recognize any half-measures or compromises. Therefore, it entrusts its products to only the most trusted distributors. One of the most important on the Polish market is the Spy Shop brand - specializing in security systems.


  • Consultations

    In response to your needs, we choose the most adequate solution for the protection of your area, facility, building, institution.

  • Gate installation

    Our best technicians come to you to install the gate. You do not have to wonder about anything - we deal with everything.

  • Staff training

    We conduct training for your employees on site to ensure that the Garrett gateway will provide your facility with the highest security standards.

    Maciej Pierchała
    We show the goal in practice, we answer all questions - we share our knowledge with our clients in a simple way. - Owen Edwards - Expert in Technical Assistance
  • Support and service

    After installation, we remain at your disposal - you can count on us! Our service is equipped with the most modern tools - both technical and technological. The Spy Shop website is, above all, a professional team of experts - who have vast experience in the security systems industry.

    That's why we operate quickly and precisely - we know that you just want your equipment to work as well as possible.

Michael Mazurek
We answer, we immediately find problems, we repair any damage to the equipment and advise in case of any problems. - Michael Mazurek - Service Manager

What does the gate installation look like?

Do you want to contact our service?

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Pon. – Pt.: 8:00 – 16:00
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Tel kom.: +48 720 888 140
Mail: serwis@spyshop.pl