Garrett Pro-Pointer® AT waterproof metal detector

Garrett Pro-Pointer® AT metal detector

More sensitive than the predecessor (Garrett Pro-Pointer® detector), fully submersible to a maximum depth of 3 meters thanks to the IP68 standard and effective in any terrain. Simply versatile in locating and precisely identifying metallic objects, loved by specialists and hobbyists.

  • Carbon battery - up to 16 hours
  • Alkaline battery - up to 30 hours
  • Rechargeable battery - up to 8 hours

The power replacement is fast and does not require any tools.

The intense orange color of the Garrett Pro-Pointer® AT detector is no accident. The detector is visible from afar underwater or in low light, which makes it easier to work and find it if it is lost.


Battery cover

Alarm if lost After 5 minutes without being active, the detector starts to emit a loud alarm signal, making it easier to find it. After 60 minutes, it turns off to save battery life.

Multifunctional switch

Big button It can be felt even by a thick glove

360 ° detection field

Quick tuning It is enough to press the button once so that the detector ignores the influence of the environment, narrowing the detection field to search for a single object. Thanks to this, it omits the influence of mineralized soil, sand, etc.

Loop to attach a leash

Waterproof speaker

One operating button Switch, tuning, 3-level sensitivity change, silent vibration mode.

LED flashlight

Maximum sensitive Detects miniature objects underground, scans suspicious packages to detect forbidden devices. The user selects 1 of 3 sensitivity levels.

Reinforced, sharp edge to move the ground

Tip for precise indication of a metallic object with small dimensions

Built-in LED flashlight supports work in dark spaces, and the measure in centimeters and inches helps determine the depth at which the detected object is located. Garrett Pro-Pointer® AT is used:

  • at airports, railway and bus stations,
  • in courts and prisons,
  • in sports and industrial facilities,
  • in the protection of mass events,
  • when searching the area,
  • in public and private spaces.

Garrett PRO-POINTER® AT also meets the rigorous standards of electromagnetic compatibility and safety:

  • FCC
  • CE EN 55011, EN 50082-1,I-ETS 300 330
  • Compliance
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE C95.1-1991 section 4.12